Eastern v. Cabrini

As the school year starts to heat up, so does Eastern’s long rivalry with Cabrini College. Eastern and Cabrini have been rival schools for many years, always out to prove which is the better school on Eagle Road.

This rivalry has mostly been played out through sporting events, recently Cabrini has decided to make the rivalry a bit more personal. For the past couple of years Cabrini has become infamous for vandalizing Eastern’s property.

I remember last year when students from Cabrini came over and drew very offensive things on most of the pathways at Eastern. When I first saw the drawings and phrases my first thoughts were, “We have to get Cabrini back!”

After some deeper thinking, I came to the conclusion that  Eastern as a whole should hold itself to a higher standard.

Eastern prides itself on being a Christian institution and following traditional Christian values which includes respect. Vandalizing Cabrini’s campus would be disrespectful to the property and to the people who spent time making the campus look nice.

We shouldn’t vandalize Cabrini’s campus just to get revenge.

I mean, sure it might seem nice to go across the street and totally wreck the place, but what would that accomplish? Getting revenge on Cabrini doesn’t make us a tougher school and not retaliating doesn’t make us weak.

There are many instances in the Bible where people could have fought back and gotten revenge. Just think about Jesus. He definitely had the power to get revenge on all who wronged him, but he decided not to.

If we at Eastern want to be followers of Jesus, we should  follow his example and apply it to our lives. Jesus did not seek revenge and neither should we.

Besides, if we were to vandalize Cabrini’s campus we would be asking for an all-out war on Eagle road, and neither school really wants that. It would be way too chaotic. Fights would break out between students, both schools would be vandalized in the process, and for what? Because we don’t like each other? God teaches us to love everyone, even our enemies, so that shouldn’t even be an issue.

Not all of Cabrini is bad and we shouldn’t blame an entire school for the actions of a couple of students who acted immaturely. Our way of retaliating should come in the form of beating the stuffing out of them come basketball season. Go Eagles!

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