Eastern Men’s Roller Hockey Club

No matter what the intramural sport, Eastern students always seem to be passionate supporters whether it be through participating or cheering. And it’s a good thing, because there’s a new club on campus.

Roller hockey, the newest intramural addition, is now taking place at the Marple Sports Arena 15 minutes from Eastern’s campus. The team is joining the D-South league, where the levels go from A to E.

The leader and organizer of Eastern’s hockey club, senior Chris Grieco feels good about the quality of play. “While we’re not joining the highest level of play, fans can be assured of some pretty good play and intense action,” he said.

Play hockey, or want to? Like other clubs, roller hockey is open to all male EU students. While the 15 man roster is already filled for this year, next year, Grieco looks to have tryouts, hopefully sending a stacked team to the C league.

Officially a club since Sept. 24 of this year, they’ve been playing together since last year. Skill levels range from those who’ve played their whole life to those who’ve just picked up a stick and strapped on blades this year. Sophomore team member Dave King, who’s played hockey for the last eight years, says anyone who’s serious about the sport is welcome. Unsure of your hockey abilities? No fears, even the pros are tuning their game.

“There’s a lot of us who haven’t played with a puck before, and I really have to adjust to that,” said King.

For those interested, cost of equipment is around $200. For those already in possession of shin, elbow and knee guards, the only cost is the $40 registration fee. While the registration fee for a team is $1,400, the team raised $200 at its first fundraiser and several hundred more at Homecoming to go on top of the school’s financial support. Whether or not you financially support them, show up at the games to extend the reputation Eastern sports fans have to the roller hockey arena.

The team plays every Wednesday, at times ranging from 7:30 p.m. to 10:45 p.m.

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