There are several ways to save space in your college dorm room whether you are in a forced triple, forced double or just want some more room. Here are some helpful tips that will help you save space:


The 1st thing you can do is to use a small vertical shelving unit to store books, movies or miscellaneous items. This will help you save floor space and make your room appear bigger.

The 2nd thing to do is to keep your room clean by keeping items off the floor and putting them in their proper places. Lofting (raising your bed off the ground) and bunking your beds are other steps that save a lot of space, especially if you are in a triple.


In order to loft your bed, you should have at least one other person to help you. First, lift one side of the bed off the ground and put your PVC pipes on the two feet that are raised. Then go to the other side and lift that side up almost level with the other one and put the other two PVC pipes on that end. You can put a desk and anything that will stick out like a refrigerator under your now lofted bed.


And finally, a 3rd way to save space is to keep all your suitcases, boxes or anything else that you won’t use on a regular basis under your bed whether it’s raised or not. To save space on your desk, use desk organizers (pencil holders, folder crates, etc.).  Also remember that if you keep your room as organized as possible, it will help your room look cleaner and more spacious.

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