Dorm Profile: Hainer Hall (Hainer Hall has it all!)

Hainer Hall, located in between Gallup and Gough, is admired by the majority of students that reside there. Its unique qualities and impeccable features make it one of a kind.

One of the interesting things found in Hainer is the setup of lounges and halls. In Hainer you have to go through one of the lounges to get to any hall, so you are constantly seeing people.

There are two lounges in Hainer, each air conditioned with a window unit. The lounge on the first floor is a spot for social gatherings and includes a television. The lounge on the second floor is a good place for students to study or do work.

Hainer is one of the three dorms on campus that has an elevator. Besides the luxury of being able to ride it to each floor, the elevator also gives you a chance to catch up on what kinds of activities are happening on campus, since ads and flyers are posted all over the elevator walls.

While the majority of the dorms on campus are air conditioned, Hainer is half and half. The entire east side of Hainer is air conditioned, while the north and south sides are not.

The east side contains all square shaped halls, while the rest of the halls in the building are set up in a straight line.

Hainer ground, the square-shaped guys’ hall, is themed to the popular game “Monopoly.” The hall bulletin board goes along with the “community chest” cards involved in the game. To add to the appeal of the title, there are pictures of guys holding up their shirts so that their chests are showing. It is a very clever idea and definitely attracts attention to the bulletin board!

The rooms in Hainer tend to be on the small side, but that doesn’t stop the community-building atmosphere.

“Although our rooms are tiny as anything, the people that live here are amazing. We only have two chaplains in the whole dorm, so we are working on combining grow groups with other halls so we can all be involved,” sophomore Chris Low said.

However, different opinions come from the mouths of students on the second floor of Hainer. “My roommates and I live in a triple and we love it so much. It is so big and tall and feels like we are living in an apartment,” first-year Stephanie Kresge said.

So what about the guys on the first floor? “Our hall is always so hot because we have no air conditioning. It also doesn’t help that every room in our hall was meant to be a single, and each is occupied as a double!” first-year Nathan Johnson said.

Although there were complaints about the room size, almost every student commented on the incredible community of Hainer.

“It really stinks living in such a small room, but I would never leave it because the people here are so incredible,” sophomore John Marcus said.

The Hainer basement is filled with plenty of activities for students. When you first walk in, you are greeted with a colorful painting of people on the wall.

In the corner are couches surrounding a television. Hainer’s basement also has a pool table, ping pong, air hockey, foosball and a computer lab.

Not only are the students of Hainer happy with the fact that they have a lot of fun things to do in their basement, they also love that their mailboxes are located in Hainer, rather than in the mailroom in Walton like many other students’ are.

Just ask any student you see in Hainer; any one of them will have a story to tell about what it’s like to live there.

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