Contemporary Music Center shows off latest talent at concert



On Nov. 23, the Contemporary Music Center is putting on a concert at Eastern. CMC is a study program that is offered at Martha’s Vineyard.


Senior Steven Diaz, who took part in the program last semester, explained the program as the equivalent to a conservatory, except that the students study and perform modern popular music.


The program is made up of three different concentrations: the artist, engineer and business tracks.

“The artists had to write a song each week, perform regularly and record three studios,” Diaz said. “The engineers spent countless hours tracking and recording music.


“The managers had to essentially do everything else, which meant producing shows,arranging practices, competing for studio times and general public relations for their assigned artist,” Diaz said.


CMC offers training to about 30 to 40 students each semester. Selected students are taught about the professional world of music.


“This program helps students understand a realistic view of the musical world,” said Sarah Herman, the administrative assistant for Eastern’s music department.


Sometime around spring break, CMC students will take a trip to a well-known musical city.


“My husband was part of this program and went to Blackbird Studios in Nashville for his trip,” Herman said.

CMC throws students into the professional world of music. It helps them consider whether this is the career path that they honestly want to pursue.


Diaz said that he really enjoyed his semester at CMC. “The people that I met and the friends that I will keep were well worth my time,” he said.


“I learned as much about the music industry as I would have if I was in it,” Diaz said. “It was one of the most rigorous semesters I have had, but I loved every minute of it. Hopefully that will show as I make career choices later in life.”

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