Community Through Virtual Events: An overview of SAB’s attempts in creating companionship in COVID.

On Friday, Feb. 5, SAB held a virtual paint night for students to explore some creativity while maintaining social distancing. SAB advertised this event by telling students to join as a professional guides them step by step to paint their very own masterpiece.

Over the week, the club set up a table and was handing out paint kits to students who wanted to partake in the virtual fun. According to SAB, there were roughly 100 paint kits handed out to students. These kits included brushes, watercolor and paper. The only supply that students were responsible for were cups of water.

The event was held through a live YouTube of a watercolor tutorial that gave step by step instructions on how to paint a city skyline. The night appeared to be a success and what better way to destress than to paint!

That same weekend, SAB also held another virtual event of a TikTok trending game: Among Us. According to the “New York Times,” Among Us is a “multiplayer game where between four and 10 players are dropped onto an alien spaceship. Each player is designated a private role as ‘crewmate’ or ‘imposter.”

The purpose of the game is trying to complete a variety of tasks while also trying to root out and avoid elimination by the imposters. The game is all about survival and is simple enough for anyone to play.

Among Us has been around since 2018, however, the game only grew in popularity during the pandemic. YouTube streamers and TikTok influencers made the game all the rage. Kids and teens were not only watching their favorite stars play the game, they started to play as well. As Among Us grew in popularity, the game not only served as a fun way to pass time, it was also another social platform for people to connect with one another.

The game was a perfect way to build a sense of community on Eastern’s campus during these lonely times. SAB is trying their hardest to build a sense of companionship and community through these virtual events. Previous events include virtual karaoke and ice skating. Students can look forward to more events this semester such as self-care day, family feud, paint-a-pot, Mardi Gras, international fest, spring fest, talent show, spring dance and field day!

Sources: New York Times

Image Description: The city skyline that the video instructed students to paint is pictured above. While the picture looks elegantly simple, watercolors are exceptionally tricky to get just right, but are a great stress reliever. 

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