Halftime Show History Crossword

2. Who performed the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show?
6. Which performer in 2004 suffered one of the most famous wardrobe malfunctions ever?
9. Which artist was asked if they were okay to perform in the rain, and replied, “Can you make it rain harder?”
10. Which member of the Beatles headlined the halftime show in 2005?
11. Which leading man paid tribute with his band to those lost on 9/11 during their halftime performance?
12. Which jazz legend performed in an Indiana Jones themed halftime show?

1. Which artist arguably changed the culture of all following halftime shows in 1993?
3. Who holds the record for most viewers during their halftime performance?
4. Who ziplined into the stadium for their 2017 halftime performance?
5. What kinds of musicians were originally recruited to perform the halftime show before celebrity artists were sought out?
7. Who made their second appearance as a halftime performer alongside Bruno Mars and Coldplay?
8. Who was the first artist to appear at the halftime show on three separate occasions?

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