Chiefs Stun Bills in Overtime Thriller: The Chiefs won a dramatic game in overtime against the Bills to send them to the AFC.

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs was perhaps the most exciting round of divisional games in NFL history. Going into Sunday night’s Bills-Chiefs game, every game had been tied and ended on a game winning field goal with the visiting team winning by three points. I honestly don’t know if this has happened before, but I really doubt it. So for obvious reasons, there was a lot of hype going into the Bills-Chiefs rematch. 

Early in the year, the Bills demolished the Chiefs by eighteen points, and had just come off a stunning 30 point victory over Bill Belichick and the Patriots. In that game, the Bills became the first team in NFL history to play a perfect game. They did not punt, kick a field goal, or turn the ball over the entire game. Every possession ended in a touchdown, besides the last drive, when they knelt out the clock. 

On the other hand, the Chiefs had won 10 out of their last eleven games. The game lived up to its expectations. The first three quarters were a back and forth battle, with first the offense prevailing and the defense. With about nine minutes left, the Bills found themselves with the ball, and the Chiefs leading, 26-21. 

The Bills began a long slow drive down the field and at the two minute warning they found themselves facing a 4th and 13, at the KC 27 yard line. Not only did they convert the 4th down but they scored a touchdown, and converted a two point conversion, bringing the score to 26-29. This was only the beginning of the mayhem in the final minutes of the game. The Chiefs got the ball back and scored a touchdown in 52 seconds. But immediately, the Bills stormed right back down the field and scored a touchdown in 49 seconds.

 Now there was only 13 seconds left on the clock and the Bills now led 36-33. The game should have been over, there should have been celebrating. After all, the Bills are the second best defense in the NFL. But no, Patrick Mahomes threw two passes across the middle of the field for a total of 44 yards, and kicker Harrison Butker drilled a 49 yard field goal to tie the game as time expired. 

According to the NFL overtime rules, if the team who gets the ball first scores a touchdown, they win. The Chiefs won the coin toss, drove down the field and scored to win the game, making the final score 42-36. 

First of all, before I forget, let me say that I hate the NFL overtime rules. But let me return to the point. How did the Bills lose? The poor Bills do seem to have a knack for choking. They are the team that went to the super bowl four years in a row and lost every time. I guess I must also give credit to the Chiefs. I was hoping they would lose, but despite that, they certainly played one of the best NFL games I have witnessed. 

My editor told me I could hype up the Super Bowl in this article, but how can I after that game? The super bowl could still be exciting, especially if the Bengals win it, considering that they have never won before. The Bengals have been to the super bowl twice and lost both times to the 49ers, so who knows, maybe we will get a rematch between the two teams. But I still have trouble imagining a super bowl that would be more exciting than that Bills-Chiefs game.  

Sources: ESPN

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