Book(store)s for Black History: A look into local bookstores (and other resources) to enhance your anti-racist library.

Bookstores, for me, have always been a place of comfort. With shiny new spines or worn and tattered ones, the smell of books and the muffled quiet are like home for a worm. For Black History Month, here are two stores to furnish your anti-racism library and expose you to the world of black-owned bookstores.

In Fishtown there resides a store known as Harriet’s. This store specifically supports women in the world of literature. They also carry male authors, of course, and children’s literature. Their array of works represents historical and fiction perspectives on political and social stances and points in time.

To complement Harriet’s, Germantown possesses its own gem of black business: Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books. Uncle Bobbie’s aims to serve the underserved communities around Philadelphia with the respect, space, and literature they deserve. They have coffee and treats to go perfectly with their wide selection of titles, including a section devoted entirely to Black history. Uncle Bobbie’s has people of color represented in all age groups and consistently works to add new Black authors to the shelves at every opportunity.

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