Bizzare things about Eastern: Albino Deer

Although some doubt the existence of the “albino deer,” many past and current students have reported sightings of it. It is usually spotted behind the upper McInnis parking lot, on the path between Sparrowk Hall and Gallup.

Reports seem to indicate that there are actually two deer being assigned this identity. One deer that some report seeing has a pure white coat, while others describe encounters with a deer that is mostly white with brown markings. “I couldn’t decide whether it looked diseased with its dappled complexion, not unlike an appaloosa horse,” said Rebecca Jennings, ’07 alumna, regarding what she believed to be the albino deer.

Some students see the deer as a special, beautiful presence. Senior Cassie Powles describes it as “a beautiful white deer that just seemed mystical from the first sighting.” Jessica Campbell, ’06 alumna who saw the deer on her preview visit to Eastern, said, “It was really cool and calming to see it, like, ‘This is a nice chill campus, you should come here.”

Other students have a different opinion. “The albino deer is possessed,” senior Katerina Charalambidis said. “It is real, but it is evil. It almost attacked two students that I know of, and every time I see it, I see it twice in the same day.”

Senior Stephen Benner, among others, speculates that the construction of the new buildings is related to the dramatic drop in albino sightings.

In any case, it’s fun to have some freakishly special creature making appearances.

There is speculation: “I wonder if other deer make fun of it,” asks ’07 alumnus Jon Harris, “or if it’s like the pimp deer that gets all the babes because of its colors.”

And there are pranks: according to senior Mike Warren, upperclassmen have told first-years that no one can graduate without having seen the albino.

Although students have different reactions to the legend of the albino deer, there is no doubt that a deer with abnormally white markings exists and has probably spent as much time circling Eastern’s campus in search of a place to rest.

In the words of Dave Cesare, ’07 alumnus, “To all of the naysayers and doubters … believe.”

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