Because I Said So reigns at box office, but not with viewers

For the past several decades, Diane Keaton has entertained us on the big screen and occupied our television sets, delivering memorable and remarkable performances in dozens of Hollywood hits.

Anticipating the release of the new major motion film Because I Said So, Keaton’s fans and movie-goers were eager to see her star in a new role. However, dishing out $10 on a Friday night to watch Keaton on the big screen for 102 minutes may instead leave viewers disappointed in the popular actress and aggravated at wasting their money.

In Because I Said So, Keaton plays Daphne Wilder, an overbearing, overprotective and somewhat crazed, single mother of three. Daphne obsesses about the happiness of her three daughters, determined to protect them from enduring the pain and disappointment she has experienced in her past.

Daphne is especially consumed with her youngest daughter, Milly, played by Mandy Moore, who, unlike her older sisters, has experienced bad luck with men. After Milly gets dumped by another boyfriend, Daphne is determined to help her daughter find Mr. Right. Intervening in her daughter’s love life, Daphne goes as far to post an ad on a dating website and interview potential boyfriends for Milly.

Upon meeting her mother’s online match, a wealthy architect, Milly also begins to date an attractive guitar player. Throughout the rest of the film, Milly simultaneously dates both of the men, under the constant supervision of her mother. Daphne relentlessly shows up uninvited, calls frequently and gets involved in intimate parts of Milly’s life where clearly no mother belongs.

In addition to invading her daughter’s life, Daphne takes a few other giant steps over personal boundaries. Daphne involves herself in intimate areas of her daughters’ lives, and together they share a little too much information with one another. Daphne also reveals details of her personal life that no one wants or expects to hear from a 60-year-old woman.

Throughout the film, Keaton’s character is overbearing and pushy, which causes her to be annoying, over-the-top and too intense.

Thankfully, Moore’s character is more amiable, and the rest of the cast can get viewers to force out some laughter. Milly’s witty personality brings a sigh of relief to audience members who grow tired of Keaton’s intense and crazy character.

Because I Said So does deliver some heartfelt and funny scenes; however, overall this new release just isn’t worth the money or time. Go grab the soundtrack before purchasing a movie ticket.

As for Keaton fans, avoid her new film and just rent one of her reputable classics instead.

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