It’s not the ‘60s anymore, but that doesn’t stop Eastern students and faculty alike from getting excited about the upcoming visit from the Beatles tribute band, Beatles: The Return.

The band will be making a live appearance in McInnis auditorium on Oct. 23, and their visit is already generating buzz on campus.

Coming from Atlanta, Ga., the band’s visit was facilitated primarily by history professor Dr. Stephen Gatlin who is teaching a course this semester entitled The Beatles in Dream and History.An avid fan of The Beatles for many years, Gatlin arranged to invite the band as a function of the course.

The course is a historical and philosophical examination of the Beatles, their place in popular culture and their music, with particular emphasis on the lyrics and their underlying meaning.

“What made the Beatles successful was raw talent and timing,” Gatlin said. “You can be a no-talent nothing and sound like something these days. A lot of people seem to forget how hard they worked.”

Gatlin claims that this band’s skill as a tribute band is unparalleled.

“I’m very excited,” Gatlin said. “When these guys strike up, you will not be able to tell the difference between them and the Beatles.”

Beatles fanatic junior Katy Slininger is excited but skeptical. “I’ll be very critical of them at first,” she said.

Slininger is taking the Beatles history course taught by Gatlin.

“Revolver was the first important album I ever bought,” she said. “The Beatles were my introduction to real music. They blew my mind.”

As for other Eastern students, excitement levels seem to vary depending on devotion to the band. When questioned, several students were not even aware of the event.

According to Gatlin, tickets will go fast and the band is a must-see. So whether you’re a fan of the Beatles or completely unaware of their existence, stop by the concert and come prepared to party like it’s 1965.

“I’m very skeptical because, the Beatles are just great,” Slininger said, who is required to go to the event. “But hey, it can only be fun right?”

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