Barry School fourth graders learn and experiment with chemistry club

On Nov. 1, the American Chemical Society Chemistry Club at Eastern participated in the annual campus visit of fourth graders from the Barry School of Philadelphia. About 40 kids got their hands on a series of experiments learning about chemistry and carbon dioxide.

They worked with baking soda and vinegar and had fun with dry ice and red cabbage juice. While testing pH and making CO2 balloons, they were excited to observe bubbles, smoke and lots of color changes.

Several kids exclaimed that they wanted to grow up to be scientists. Eastern science majors, senior Melissa Younger, juniors Jacob Brewer and Kristin Leister and sophomores Chelsea Kreiter, Meaghan Bennett and Emily Carowick, did excellent work organizing the event.

The Eastern Chemistry Club was reinstated this semester after a four-year hiatus and is advised by Dr. Jeanne Bundens. The Eastern-Barry School partnership is made possible by the dedicated leadership of English faculty member Nancy Thomas and education faculty member Dr. William Yerger.

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