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New Delhi, IndiaMonkeys are rampant in New Delhi, with numbers estimated at 5,000, and new efforts to deal with the problem are underway since a fatal incident in late October. Deputy Mayor Sawinder Singh Bajwa was on the balcony of his home when he attempted to ward off four monkeys. He lost his balance and fell to his death. In the past three years, 2,000 people in New Delhi have been bitten by wild monkeys. Lawyer Meera Bhatia said that monkeys have even yanked IV tubes out of patients who are being rolled into the hospital on gurneys. According to Mayor Aarti Mehra, 35 municipal monkey catchers have been hired, and there should be a total of 100 within the next few months.

ChileOn Nov. 14, an earthquake hit the Atacama Desert in Chile, 780 miles north of Santiago, measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale. There were approximately 20 to 40 injuries, but no deaths as a result of the earthquake. Power outages and building damages resulted. The force was even felt in Peru and Bolivia. Several copper mines in Chile were temporarily shut down.

ParisA workers’ strike in France began on the evening of Nov. 13. Employees of the railway operator SNCF are striking to oppose President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to alter the retirement benefits of some workers. The following morning, many people were walking or riding bikes to work. Some displayed signs on their bicycles opposing the strike. It is unclear how long the strike will last. Twelve years ago, a similar strike lasted for three weeks.


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