Announcing 2010’s Homecoming Court

Josh Reid

Communications Studies: Rhetoric

Rumnet, N.H.

Josh lives off of coffee, golf, dodgeball and did I mention coffee? He enjoys life and living it with his friends and spends time on things which he holds dear, such as Communications.

Avery Bazan

Business Marketing

Trumbull, Conn.

Avery loves the No. 1 Burger from Duchess. He also enjoys biking, painting, playing music, soccer and writing. Avery defines himself as ambitious but not competitive. A member of SIFE club, IJM and outdoors club, he also makes time for other intramural games and dodgeball.

Sean Von Bloch

Social Work

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Quiet and humble, yet well-known among many at Eastern, Sean is a huge fan of Patrick Swayze. He runs Cross Country and is also a member of SAAC. Famously known as Burlap, he is funny and loves steak.

Olivia Bellard

Elementary Education

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Olivia loves Italian food and chocolate chip cookies. She enjoys drama, singing, dancing, poetry writing and music. Her perfect guy in five words or less: Funny, sweet, handsome, loves Jesus.

Tiffany Snyder

Elementary, Early Childhood and Special Education

Seaford, Del.

Tiffany loves the beach and the outdoors. Her favorite animals are turtles, “because my favorite color is green!” Tiffany is a part of the Outdoors Club and in campus intramurals she plays floor hockey, volleyball and soccer.

Domonique Wilson

Early Childhood & Elementary Education

Philadelphia, Pa.

Domonique’s favorite movie is “A Walk to Remember.” “I like chick flicks and I think it’s a great love story,” she said. “You don’t usually see the Christian girl and the bad guy.”


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