50/50 is a ten

50 percent chance of life. 50 percent chance of death. This is the grim reality before Adam, a recently diagnosed cancer patient, in the movie “50/50.”

Played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, Adam spends the movie struggling with how to handle his maybe-imminent death. The story focuses on Adam’s new outlook on life, including the beginnings and endings of various relationships.

Levitt stars alongside Seth Rogan, who plays his best friend Kyle. When Kyle begins to accept that Adam might not live, he decides that he is going to make Adam’s cancer work out for both of them. He uses the cancer as a method to score drugs or score girls, and somehow gets away with it every time. Kyle’s sensitivity combined with his denial that he might lose his best friend makes it impossible not to feel sorry for him.

Anna Kendrick, who plays the role of Adam’s therapist, brings an incredible amount of awkward charm to the movie.

As the characters’ lives are changing, your emotions will be swinging right along with them. You may have a 50 percent chance of laughing and a 50 percent chance of crying, but the movie itself has a 100 percent chance of success.

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