Top 5 Emerging TV Shows

1.  Russian Doll

At her 36th birthday party, Nadia dies and comes back to life. As a result, she relives this day over and over again in this dark comedy. Natasha Lyonne, who one may recognize from “Orange is the New Black” plays the comedic yet surreal character of Nadia. A great aspect of the show is that it was made by an all-women writing and directing team, created by Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland, and Natasha Lyonne. If you are one for witty characters and mysterious plots, you will be able to watch this comedy drama starting February 1st on Netflix. If you’re up for the challenge, binge watch the hour long eight episodes within a day.

2. Shrill

Annie, played by Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant, is a heavy set woman who wants to change who she has become, without changing her body. There are many who would say Annie is not good enough because of her weight, but this series embraces the concept of loving the body you are in. You will find Annie juggle her pursuit of journalism, a horrible boss and keeping relationships in this comedy. This six episode series on Hulu is based off of Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, a 2016 memoir written by Lindy West.

3. Pen15

We all remember the awkward days of middle school. Well, so do Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle who star in the comedy Pen15. They play their 13 year old selves in the year 2000 where hallways were filled with gossip through written notes and AOL was still popular. You will be able to witness school dances, sleepover, bullies and teenage development within the 10 episode series on February 8th on Hulu.

4. White Dragon

An Amazon Prime Original Video, White Dragon depicts Professor Jonah Murray’s journey to China after his wife dies in a car crash in Hong Kong. But not everything is as it seems once Murray arrives in China. He soon finds out his wife had another side to her which ultimately lead to her murder. This new series will be available February 8th.

5.  The Umbrella Academy

     If you’re getting tired of Marvel but love superheroes, The Umbrella Academy, based off of a graphic novel, is a show for you. After their father’s death, a diverse group of adopted siblings come together to unveil the mystery of his death. Raised training to save the world, they reunite as a dysfunctional family with flaws to save the world from apocalypse. You’ll be able to witness this dark comedic family with 10 episodes on February 15th on Netflix.

      Sources: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon

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