The Return of the Music Guild

As autumn is now upon us, we remember what is good and beautiful when we see the handiwork of our Creator in the leaves changing color and their decoration of our famously beautiful campus. As our university goes through a time of anxiety and change, the student body and the campus at large needs to bind itself intentionally around such reminders of what is good and beautiful.

Music has always been essential for worship. Saint Augustine said, “I realize that when [the words of the liturgy] are sung these sacred words stir my mind to greater religious fervor and kindle in me a more ardent form of piety than they would if they were not sung.”  Because music plays such a key role in the worship of God, a Christian institution should devote itself to the creation, preservation, and enjoyment of music. Such a commitment should be taken seriously by all who proclaim faith in our Creator God.

In light of the importance of music in worship and our well-being, the music department has decided to form a Music Guild. The leaders of the Guild intend to find ways and create opportunities for the student body to come together and delight in the beauty of music as a means of worship to our Creator and a channel of peace. Presidents Andy Lenko and Rebecca Lehman, vice-president CheyAnne Bigley, treasurer Scott Carr, Jr., and secretary Sarah Schulman lead the Guild.

The Guild will be hosting monthly showcases, which will feature students that are taking lessons with music faculty. The first showcase will be Thurs., Oct. 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Fowler Great Room. The Guild will also host “pop-up” performances throughout the semester, with the aim of providing quality music throughout campus. In November, they will host a songwriting contest. Details on the contest will be announced at a later date.  A bi-monthly newsletter will also be available to inform students of upcoming events. The first public meeting of the Guild, which is open to all students, was held in Workman 202, on the second floor of the music building, on Thurs., Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m. During that time, the leadership announced the details of their plan and discussed with students further opportunities for on campus engagement. The hope for the Guild is that through these events, the student body will come to understand and support musical creativity and use these events as a reason to enjoy the good and beautiful.

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