Steve Epting Showcases His Voice In Choir and In Competition

        Because of the relatively small size of Eastern University, talented students, not only express themselves through the arts offered on campus, but also they find ways to grow artistically outside of Eastern’s community. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Junior Steve Epting, a Music major, with a concentration in Vocals, has found extraordinary opportunities to harness his musical talents, from Angels of Harmony to Ryan Seacrest.

        Epting has been a public figure on campus in the Music department, having performed at coffeehouses and concerts with Eastern’s Angels of Harmony and Turning Point. Off campus, he has performs as a background vocalist for Mare Floyd, a good friend of his, in Philadelphia. On performing with Floyd, Epting chimes, “We had the privilege of performing at ‘Philly Fashion Week,” which was huge!”

        When asked why he loves music, Epting reflects, “When I asked my parents, they told me that I have been singing since the age of three. Music is something that naturally excites me! I have tried for the longest, but I cannot put my love for music into words. Singing is something that I’m naturally good at, and I thank God for the gift!” Epting has recently started writing his own music last year, but he shared that he hasn’t performed any of his new material, stating that he doesn’t feel his new songs are “ready yet.” He assures, “But it’s coming soon!”

        Besides showcasing his voice here on campus in praise and worship, Epting has also become Eastern University’s “American Idol,” with his participation in the finals of March Music Madness singing competition, created and sponsored by producer and TV personality, Ryan Seacrest. “I still, to this day, do not know how I was entered into this contest! During spring break, I received an email that I was entered into the contest, and to have people vote for me – so I did! I have been going social media crazy ever since,” Epting says. Ryan Seacrest’s March Music Madness is showcasing a number of singing submissions, in which contestants perform covers of popular “Top 40” songs. After a number of rounds, and a variety of pop hits, twenty-five contestants are voted for via Seacrest’s website, On his place in the contest, Epting states, “It still amazes me, because I was an underdog in the competition. Everyone else had hundreds of thousands of views on their videos, and thousands of followers on their YouTube channels. I did not, so I thank God for the experience!” Despite being an underdog, Epting is in the final round of the competition, with his cover of “All of Me,” the hit ballad from soul singer, John Legend. The video of his cover has received over ten thousand views, and that number is sure to grow as the competition winds down. Epting is taking the exposure in stride, saying, “This contest was so much bigger than me! It wasn’t about how great I was, but how great God is!

        Epting’s advice for aspiring singers and musicians: “Be yourself! Many times, I say to myself, ‘Wow, I’d probably be further along if I sounded like that person.’ That is the worst thing you could possibly think! Take pride in your gift and own it, but not in an arrogant way! Be confident…and practice! You can’t go to the next level performing the same way! Singers get a vocal coach…musicians take lessons! Sharpen your craft…Whatever your passion is, pray about it and then go get it! The world is yours!”

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