How To Survive Without Netflix

Netflix’s monthly fee of $7.99 is a considerably hefty sum to some of our students here at Eastern. By the end of the school year, this monthly charge adds up to over $80. Overall it seems like quite a large dent in your pocket book and for what? Several all-night binges and a couple of decent movies? So what should modern-day students do to entertain themselves if they can’t “get it, to get it”? Here’s a list of the top five things you can do if you don’t have Netflix.

1. Go to class. Some of you may not find it entertaining, but to be frank it is the reason you’re here. Not to mention, your professor is never going to give you a free pass from class because you told them, “I had to finish my season 3 binge of Parks and Rec last night.”

2. Go to the library. You could spend money in order to watch all your favorite shows and hit movies, or you could go to our school library and watch them all for free. You might even bump into a couple of your friends on campus or even make new friends. The best part is they don’t always have the movie you want, so what you do is you check out another film instead. Now you are broadening your horizons while you wait for Mockingjay Part One to arrive.

3. See a show at McInnis. According to Professor Tibbels, the Director of Theater at Eastern University, “all theater, dance, and music performances will be free for current EU students this year. We decided to make all shows free for students this year to make the arts more accessible to our community.” If I were you, I would take advantage of this before the they change their mind.

4. Take a walk. The coolest thing about our school is all of its adventurous bridges and the pristine waterways they cross, so take some time to stop, get back to nature, and smell the pond.

5. Chill with some friends in your dorm. Take advantage of our school’s open door policy, and invite some people into your life. Don’t keep your doors closed because your room is a mess. So is everyone else’s. Have a movie night, a game night, a book club, or just gather around your TV and watch some good old Netflix.

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