Art of the Television Series: A fond reflection on a favorite childhood television show.

      For many of us, the TV show after school was a daily ritual. We would rush home from school, dump our backpacks on the ground and crowd around in front of the TV. As a kid, my favorite show was “The Marvelous Mis-adventures of Flapjack”. I still watch the show on Hulu, and I am still amazed at the weird and wonderful strangeness of it all.

      Firstly, the setting was what drew me to the show whilst I was flipping through the channels. Usually, most other shows would take place on a street corner or have some giant base overlooking the city (“Teen Titan” reference in case you didn’t know. If you’re a fan of superhero cartoons, I would highly recommend it for your next Netflix binge). Just the idea of a show taking place in a dock and harbor town was ingenious. Imagine all the avenues a show could take with that setting alone. In fact there is one episode where FlapJack and Knuckles explore an underground submarine and find out that someone lives down there.The Submarine is called the M.U.S.C.L.E (a clear parody of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”).

     Secondly, the characters were so awesome and hilarious that  looking back now, it seems only more relatable. My favorite character besides Flapjack would have to be Bubbie, the oh-so-sassy whale whose mouth Knuckles and Flapjack live in (now that I think about it, that does sound perverted when you give it some thought). She was always yelling at Knuckles— whom I can best describe as the Jock in high school who, after graduating, drinks too much and recounts his glory days as a star quarterback.

     Finally, I like how every episode is its own stand-alone story. When it comes to Flapjack, you never know what you are going to get. Whether it is  Knuckles’ visit to the Candy Barrel, or Bubbie yelling at Knuckles. You are going to have a blast viewing this uniquely insane show with all it’s strangeness jam-packed into a single episode. Go check it out.      

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