Art Club

The society of art and illustration is a great place to try something new. People of all experience levels are welcome to come on Tuesday nights in McInnis 312 between 8-11pm.

[twocol_one]A colorful painting made by Sarah Underwood

artclub3Heather Ciaramitaro | The Waltonian


A clay cat with a butterfly on its tail made by Elizabeth Gasse.

artclub1Heather Ciaramitaro | The Waltonian
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last] Jordan Brantner doing some pencil sketches

artclub4Heather Ciaramitaro | The Waltonian


Elizabeth Gasse, the co-president of Art Club, seen painting a dragon figurine.

artclub2Heather Ciaramitaro | The Waltonian

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