A Tune for Every Mood: Your Playlist for Finals Week

      During these last few weeks of studying and test-taking, sometimes you need some motivation, entertainment and empathy. In order to get any of those things, you might have to leave your studying space, or you might stop studying altogether. With this playlist of finals music, you won’t have to stop studying or find a new study space in order to feel motivated and entertained and have empathy. This playlist is designed to be heard in three parts. The first part offers motivation for studying. The second part offers entertainment because everyone needs to enjoy their tribulations. The last part offers empathy because maybe life is too much to handle, and you just need someone to say, “I know, I feel you.”


“Gonna Fly Now”Bill Conti (Nothing motivates more than the montage music from “Rocky.”)

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”Daft Punk (Let these adjectives inspire you to follow suit.)

“Go the Distance”Alan Menken (No matter what’s happening, it can be conquered.)

“My Shot”Lin-Manuel Miranda (You’ve got a big exam tomorrow, so don’t throw away your shot.)


“Uptown Funk”Bruno Mars (Lift your spirits, sing along and “girls, hit your hallelujah.”)

“10 Feet”Joelle Doriani (Created by a music major here at Eastern, this fun and catchy tune offers a glimpse into the simple joys and exciting life of stalking [you can find it on SoundCloud].)

“Mr. Blue Sky”Electric Light Orchestra (Tomorrow is another beautiful day, so make sure to enjoy it.)


“So Lonely”The Police (So many hours of studying, you can start to feel so lonely.)

“Sorry Bre” (nightcore)Andrew Hutmire (Created by a student here at Eastern, this is for when you need to say you’re sorry to someone named Bre for not hanging out with them, because you spent the whole day studying [you can find this song on SoundCloud].)

“Car Radio”Twenty One Pilots (Sometimes you just need an existential crisis.)

“A Million Miles Away”Alan Menken (When work becomes too much, just imagine yourself somewhere a million miles away.)

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