Dr. Patricia Reger Appointed Dean of the College of Health and Social Sciences

      Our Eastern University 2014 Teacher of the Year, Dr. Patricia Reger, has been named the dean of the College of Health and Social Sciences. Due to reorganization within the school, Reger was initially named interim dean of the program in 2016. However, on March 20, 2017 it was announced that she will become the dean of the college, effective July 1.

      Reger is in her 16th year of teaching and has been at Eastern since 2006. Prior to working at Eastern, she taught at Temple University, where she graduated with a M.S. in Orthopedic Physical Therapy and a Ph.D. in Kinesiology.

      Reger proudly shares her plans with me for the upcoming school year, explaining ways in which she can improve an already distinct and strong program. Reger says the first step on her list is to “ensure academic excellence and an optimal student experience by offering programs that prepare our students to be effective Christian leaders in their discipline.” By reviewing the programs offered within Eastern’s College of Health and Social Sciences, she hopes to bolster an already strong assortment of classes.

      Her second and perhaps most important goal is to “create external partnerships and relationships that will not only enhance the undergraduate and graduate educational experience but also increase research opportunities, strengthen our resources and advance our culture of social justice.” These outside relationships between students, faculty and other intellectuals are the building blocks for creating strong learning networks. Reger plans to build these networks within her program to ensure success of students beyond graduation. Another method to ensure student success is to “nurture an environment of commitment, community and engagement for faculty, staff and students.”

      While Reger works tirelessly to improve the already-great College of Health and Social Sciences, she also hopes to continue teaching at least one class per semester, “as long as the folks in kinesiology let me.” Reger has previously taught in both exercise science and athletic training programs for the university and is set to teach exercise physiology in the coming fall semester to students of both programs.

      Her love for teaching, along with her commitment to these programs, really shines through as she explains that “it is important for a dean to keep his/her finger on the pulse of what is happening with the students and faculty, and teaching is a great way to do that.”

      Source: Patricia Reger,

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