World Series Ready to Begin

The road to the World Series this season has been unique. In the National League, the Mets plowed through their opponents. The Mets are coming into the World Series after dominating the playoffs. The Mets opened up the playoffs against the Dodgers. They managed to fend off the Dodgers and win in five games. The Dodgers fought hard, but they could not manage to produce runs against the Mets’ stellar pitching staff. Next were the Cubs. The Mets apparently did not have trouble with the Cubs, as they swept them in four games. The Cubs did not capitalize on their opportunities with men on base. However, the Mets’ pitching staff stepped up and shut down the Cubs offense. Throughout the playoffs the Mets’ offense has been hot, thanks to second baseman Daniel Murphy. He is having a historic postseason as he homered in six straight postseason games.  Murphy was named NLCS MVP for the magnificent performance he displayed this postseason.

Kansas City Royals, shockingly, are back in the World Series. They opened up the postseason against the Astros, who nearly eliminated them, and won in five games. The Royals produced in clutch situations and managed to hit Houston’s superb pitching staff. Next they faced the Blue Jays. This series was similar to an Ali and Frazier fight, two heavy weights slugging it out. The Blue Jays never gave up, and when I thought they were out of the playoffs they proved me wrong. Down by two games, the Blue Jays fought back and put pressure on the Royals. The series ended in six games, thanks to the Royals starting pitching rotation. Edison Volquez of the Royals shut out the Blue Jays in Game 1, which proved to be a vital win for the Royals.

Who has the advantage coming into the World Series? Daniel Murphy and the Mets. The Mets pitching staff makes a fantastic offense, like the Cubs, look like an amateur minor league team. The Royals have been making simple mistakes, in their 11-8 lost.

Mets to beat the Royals in six games.

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