Who’s Number One? Women’s Basketball Downs Top-Ranked FDU

The Women's basketball team celebrates their win over top-ranked FDU
The Women’s basketball team celebrates their win over top-ranked FDU Erica Engle | EU Sports Information
This season has already been impressive for the Eastern Eagles’ women’s basketball team, and it just became even more so. On Saturday, Feb. 7, the Eagles beat FDU. FDU was the number one team in Divion lll basketball before the game started. FDU also had a 53 game winning streak dating back to 2013. Eastern ended that streak by beating them in overtime. The final score was 88-87. The win was a team effort by Eastern as five different players scored 13 or more points. Meghan Nowak led the team with 24 points. Gina DiDomenico had 17 points, Emily Lavin and Kaitlyn Dougherty both had 15 points , and Taylor Price had 13 points. By beating FDU, Eastern has proven that they deserve to be nationally ranked. FDU is the second top 10 team Eastern has beaten this year. Earlier this season, Eastern beat Williams College who was ranked 10th in the nation. Eastern is currently 17-4 and 9-1 in conference play. The Eagles have had impressive play from many players throughout this season. Meghan Nowak is scoring 19.5 points per game. Gina Didomenico is averaging 11.3 points per game, and Emily Lavin is averaging 13.3 points per game. Looking forward, the Eagles will more than likely be nationally ranked when the new rankings come out. They will also be in the conference tournament. This team deserves to be in the NCAA tournament as well. They have had a tough schedule and come away with many impressive wins. Winning the conference tournament would guarantee a spot in the NCAA tournament. In order to do so, they will more than likely meet FDU again. Either way, this team they should be proud of themselves as the first Eastern team ever to beat an opponent ranked number one in the nation.

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