The Hot Corner: Not Your Typical Barbie

Eastern athletes come from all over the U.S. Some from Miami and Ohio, but this particular athlete is from the city of Pittsburgh. Barbara Hopkins, who prefers to go by as Barbie, is a freshman at Eastern University and has been recruited to play softball. The softball prodigy started playing when she was four years old; however, from the age four to ten years old she played baseball and gradually transitioned into the game of softball.

Hopkins played for North Hills High School for all four years and had a great career there. The second baseman in her senior year, she had a career high of five home runs and had obtained multiple pins that represented her significant achievements during the season for North Hills High School. In her sophomore and junior year sthe team won the County Championship. In addition to playing for her high school, Barbie also played for the North Hills Athletic Association (NHAA).

Barbie certainly has a love for the game, but as of last year she suffered a serious injury. She had a hard time breathing one day and thought she might have asthma. After a CAT scan it was revealed that she had a hole in one of her lungs. This injury holds Barbie back from practices, but even if she cannot express her love for the game on the field, she certainly does it off the field. Fun fact: I have heard that even with a splint on her finger, the athlete can still be found in the gym throwing heat.

If you are ever looking for Hopkins at a Pirates game, she can be found third base side in the third row, as her parents are season ticket holders and she does not miss a game if she has the opportunity to go. On top of that, she has also been to a Super Bowl game, something we all dream of going to one day.

Hopkins did not attend Eastern University because she was recruited; she decided to come to Eastern because of the fabulous Youth Ministry major offered. So far, Hopkins has enjoyed her time at Eastern as she has made great friends. She looks forward to the rest of her semester as the Eagles’ softball team prepares to head down to Myrtle Beach.

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