The Fun of Intramurals

Do you like playing sports? Do you wish to be playing a sport, but you are either not good enough or you do not want the commitment of playing on a college team? Guess what? There is a solution: intramural sports. Eastern has a whole bunch of intramural sports. If you enjoy playing sports, chances are there is an intramural sport that you would enjoy playing.

Eastern offers a variety of sports in the fall such as coed volleyball, coed soccer, and coed dodge ball. There are also more sports for the spring semester. This upcoming spring semester, Eastern is offering a few coed tournaments in flag football, dodge ball, softball, and whiffle ball. The other sports for next semester will be announced as it gets closer. Last semester Eastern had coed floor hockey, coed soccer, men’s basketball, coed basketball and coed volleyball.  Eastern intramurals has even begun using, one of the premier intramurals websites, to track standings and allow people who don’t find a team but still want to play the opportunity to be picked up by a team as a “free agent.”

Junior, Cam Harlacher, who played floor hockey last semester, had this to say about intermural sports, “It’s a fun and a different way to spend with friends. It is also a good way to stay in shape.”  Most people who play really seem to enjoy playing an intramural sport. It is competitive, but too competitive to the point where it is not fun if your team is not winning. For example, I once played intramural soccer and my team did not win a game, yet I still enjoyed it. It was a time for me to not worry about all my school work and just play a game.  Playing intramural sports can be a great stress reliever.

It is also a great way to help you stay in shape. In college most students are doing a lot of sitting down. Whether it is because of class or doing school work students are often not getting that much exercise. So why not join the fun and play an intramural sport?  There is almost no reason not to.

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