The Debate: Should the NFL Reconstruct and Lengthen Postseason Play?

Expanding the NFL postseason may not be a bad idea. Before the eyes start rolling, think about it: If this expansion were to occur, the league and its fan base could create more of an interest. This is due to the fact that other teams will have more of a chance to get into the thick of things with the potential of going on and winning the Super Bowl. If your favorite team was one of those to get a wild card spot later in the season, of course you would view this expansion beneficial, as would other fans.

NFL officials and authorities are talking about adding two teams in the playoff race in 2015. Competitively, this expansion can provide teams which fans believe “deserve” to be in the playoffs another opportunity, or another shot. Every year, there are teams in the league whose records do not reflect their skillset. For instance, this year’s Arizona Cardinals had an impressive record of 10-6. Usually, that is enough to get a team into the postseason. However, other teams in the Cardinals’ division had more impressive records, therefore keeping Arizona out of the playoffs; the San Francisco 49ers had 12 wins and the Seattle Seahawks had 13.

There are also nagging injuries to certain teams’ “star” players that occur early in the season, and as a result, can affect the team’s chances of making the postseason. Expanding the NFL postseason could fix these issues for good. Regarding this expansion, Commissioner Roger Goodell commented, “What has happened is our league is so competitive right now. The games are so close that it is realistic to think that a team can have a great second half, get into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl; we have seen it.” It seems as if Goodell is leaning towards this expansion, but the hard fact of a shortened preseason makes things more challenging for the commissioner.

The NFL playoffs are a much different experience than regular season games. Player attitudes begin to change, coach’s playbooks are altered, and the level of intensity begins to rise inside the players and the loyal fan base’s heart. Sure, other people will say things like, “whatever, it’s just sports.”  But every loyal fan knows that their team’s performance in the NFL playoffs is a big deal for their city’s reputation and pride, along with the ultimate goal of winning the Super Bowl. Expanding the NFL postseason is something that can foster these ideas throughout more of America’s football markets.



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