Sports Dictionary


1. The driving force of will.

2. The term that we don’t really understand until we’re faced with it.

3. The term when all seems impossible, scratching

    and clawing toward the goal.

4.Those who wish to climb to greater heights must have this.


1. The act of being accurate.

2. The number of  times an athlete works on a particular skill.

3. The reason for “Practice makes Perfect”.

4. The second ingredient for success.


1. Teammates will be expecting the most of people.

2. A skill learned from the many practices people take and learn.

3. A trait that is earned not inherited.

4. A trait that is God-Approved.


1. The act of staying glued to the goal at hand.

2. A way of accountability.

3. The key to great heights when learned to control it.

4. The ultimate test of trust.


1. The way of life that Christ intended in people.

2. The way people learn about the walk of Life.

3. The way to understanding what is right and what is wrong.

4. Maintaining it is crucial to individual success.

With all of these qualities, a better athlete you shall be.

With all of these qualities, you are living by Christ’s example.

With all of these qualities, you can’t be turned down by others.

With all of these qualities, you can make an impact in the sport you love.

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