Ryan Saltzman Takes Charge In The Fitness Center

There are not many places like Eastern University. We have a diverse community that helps set us apart from other colleges.  The faculty and staff are like none other, as they are always striving to build strong relationships with students. New hire, Ryan Saltzman, is trying to do just that as he begins working with the Eagle athletes. Walking into the gym before the interview, I saw how well he fit in — Eagle athletes stayed after their workout just to talk with him. Saltzman brings a lot of energy to the new gym facility and students admire that.

With the opening of the new fitness center, Eastern had to hire an individual who was capable of  both strength training with the athletes and managing the new facility.  The University came to a conclusion and hired Ryan Saltzman. Saltzman grew up in Montgomery County and has always been surrounded by sports. He attended a boarding school during his high school years in the New England area to play hockey. Hockey was not the only sport he enjoyed though, he also played lacrosse.

Saltzman did not originally plan on getting a degree in the field of exercise science. His plan was to work in the field of insurance. He graduated with a degree in economics from Trinity College, but was not convinced that was the path for him. It was during his junior year that Saltzman realized economics was not for him. In 2012, his passion and love for sports drove him to obtain a masters degree in exercise and sports physiology from West Chester University.

Through a friend, Saltzman found out that Eastern University was looking for a fitness and strength director. Saltzman came over from the neighboring college of Rosemont. At Rosemont, he was in charge of the strength training for each club, and while working there, he also helped at William Penn Charter School. Saltzman enjoyed his time and experience at both Rosemont and the charter school. When asked why he decided to come to Eastern, he stated, “Getting to build the dual role that I have here as the strength coach and fitness coordinator here is very enticing. I love the community and it is very similar to my college experience, which makes me feel at home.”

Saltzman’s goal is to prepare these athletes for not only the present, but for the future. He wants to make sure they learn as much as they can as a college athlete to shape their future. Saltzman is a perfect asset for the Eastern community — an everlasting impact to our student athletes.

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