EU Men’s Lacrosse Update

The Eagles men’s lacrosse team seems to be waking up, as they won their last three games. After losing to the University of the South, the Eagles managed to go on a three-game winning streak. The game against the University of the South was a close game as they lost 6-5. If the Eagles had contained them in the first period, they would have managed to pull out a victory. Jake Pousson and Jake Billera both produced two goals, and Mark Buannic the freshman had a goal for himself as well. But enough with the negative; lets get positive.

Illinois Wesleyan University came to visit St. Davids and was sent home with a lost. The Eagles were stumped in the first two periods as they were losing 5-3. Wesleyan was looking good the first half; they looked like they were pulling away from the Eagles. However, the Eagles caught second wind and shut Wesleyan’s offense down. The Eagles’ defense only allowed one goal in the second half, while the offense added on four goals to lead them to victory. Tim Lamb played phenomenal as he scored three clutch goals the Eagles needed.  Bryan Mizell, a name we have not heard much of this season, helped confirm the victory with two goals.

Susquehanna University was the next contestant to walk on to Olsen Field. Susquehanna was favored coming into this game, but the Eagles were quick to silence those who doubted them. In the first half they started out strong, outscoring their opponents 9-2. Lamb and Buannic were the scoring leaders for this game. Combined they had a total of ten goals, and when these guys are hot they know how to score. The Eagles won that game 18-7.

In their next game they played Stockton University, a team with  an impressive record of 7-2. However, the Eagles refused to let them get the upper hand the entire game. During the last period, the Eagles delivered their deathblow. They outscored Stockton 5-1. Tim Lamb scored two goals in the fourth period, and Jake Billera scored one. Under pressure the Eagles know how to stay calm and clutch, and these games are examples of how well they play.

Their next opponent will be Ursinus College. Coming into this game the Bears are an impressive 8-1, and in conference play they are 3-0. The Eagles need to concentrate on their offense, as the Bears know how to score and can easily split a defense. On top of defense, the offense needs to be alert. Key scorers like Tim Lamb, Mark Buannic, and Jake Billera will need to shoot relentlessly. I can see the Eagles pulling out a win, as they are a fighting young team.

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