Riding The High Wave To Victory: Women’s Volleyball wins 11th consecutive MAC Conference Finals

      The girl’s volleyball team is enjoying a great season this year with a record of 25-6.  The team had a winning streak, winning 5 games in a row at the beginning of the season before losing to Marymount University.  The team played Misericordia University at the semi-finals and came away with a 3 set win.  The Eastern volleyball team has won at the MAC Conference Finals for 10 years in a row.  The team went to Desales and won the game, extending Eastern’s record to winning 11 years in a row.  The team credits their winnings to working closely together as a united team.

      Michelle Paulsen, the senior captain of the girl’s team has given positive feedback on how the season has gone.  She has emphasized that the team is “like a family,” and that this close bond between teammates has made both games and time together more successful.

      “I wanted the girls to truly love each other and have a bond with each teammate that would last a long time. Our freshmen bonded with the team quickly which was great to see! They saw the heart that the upperclassmen had for this EUVB team. They saw that this wasn’t just some regular team where one person outshines the rest, but that we truly focus our team on the meaning of family. That playing on our own islands would only get us so far but if we play together and play with heart we could achieve a lot! Our team has always put an emphasis on family and working together. Each game we wore co-flex on our left wrist that says EUVB on one side and a number on the other side. The number we write changes each year. This year our number is 99, so if you take all of our 11 jerseys and add them together you will get 99. This is a reminder to us that we are all part of the game and that every single person matters. Whether that you are a player on the court or someone who isn’t in at the moment. Your attitude on or off the court will impact other players, so knowing when you aren’t chosen to be in the game at the moment you shouldn’t be down on yourself but to know that  moment, someone else’s skills are needed more.”

      Michelle has also expressed that, as a senior, she is very pleased that her last volleyball season was a good one.  She saw the last season as very important and hoped that it would be a great final volleyball memory.  Her wish came true, as the team was closer than ever and winning countless matches.

      Soon the team will be playing in the first round of the NCAA tournament on November 9 at 3:00pm, and is being held in Massachusetts.  There is no doubt that the girls will do well and that they will succeed as a team.

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