Men’s Golf Going Low

This year’s Eastern Men’s Golf team has gotten off to a solid start. In their first three tournaments they have placed in at least the top five. The team is solid and still has plenty of room to get better.

In Eastern’s last tournament at Lebanon Valley Country Club, they were able to land 2nd place. This was definitely the highlight of the year so far for the boys. The total score for Eastern’s four players was 316. The four players who competed that day were Matt Cocorikis, Ryan Torson, Sal Tortora, and Andrew Barbin. The day, however, belonged specifically to Matt Cocorikis and Ryan Torson. Torson shot a two over 74 and placed 3rd place in the tournament. Cocorikis had the best day of anyone however. Cocorikis came in with a one under 71 to win the tournament. Cocorikis’ 71 tied the school’s scoring record in relation to par.

The team has two tournaments remaining in the fall season before they go on to their main spring season. The two tournaments remaining are at Bent Creek Country Club and a two-day tournament at Wild Quail Country Club. The Eagles will be looking to compete in the remaining tournaments and hopefully bring home some new shiny hardware. Head Coach Mark Birtwistle and Assistant Coach Eric Burnley have high expectations for the upcoming tournaments and season.

The Eagles’ goal for this season is to be able to make it back to Nationals. Two years ago the team made it to Nationals, and with the skill that the Eagles have, they will have another great shot at making a run at it this year. Junior Andrew Barbin and Senior Ryan Torson both say that they believe that this year’s team is stronger and deeper than it was two years ago when they reached the National Tournament. The opportunity for them to get back to Nationals helps drive Barbin and Torson. With freshmen Cocorikis and Tortora, the Eagles will have a great chance at making Nationals again.

The near and far future looks very solid for the Eagles. The golf program is continually growing and improving. The team is filled with great players and has a great upside to look forward to. In my opinion, the best is yet to come for this year’s Eastern Men’s Golf Team.   

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