E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!: Philadelphia’s NFL team is surprising fans with success

By: Christian Lengkeek

If you aren’t from Philly you won’t understand this article. You won’t understand how exciting it is to actually have wide receivers who can catch, or to have a legit secondary, not just guys signed from off the street. You definitely won’t understand how amazing it feels to have the best record in the NFL.

The last time the Eagles were 6-0 was 2004! That year we went to the Super Bowl. Sadly, we lost because New England cheated. But we got revenge in 2017 so all is forgiven — well, actually nothing is forgiven, but at least we feel avenged.

Waltonian | The Waltonian Source: Matt Rourke/AP Photo

Everything has gone right this year. Jalen Hurts (our quarterback) has looked like a changed man. He has been cool and calm and shown a lot of improvement from last season. We average the most yards per attempt at 8.2, and Hurts has only thrown two interceptions.

Our short yardage game has been superb. We have completed the third most number of fourth downs in the league, as well as having the most rushing touchdowns. Our biggest problem so far has been special teams, which has been a wonderful relief from last year, when we could only run the ball and had to cross our fingers every time the defense took the field.

Let me take a moment to mention that we beat the Cowboys 26-17 during Week Six. If you are not from Philly, you will not understand what this win means for our city. Yes, the Cowboys are allegedly good this year — we secretly all know they suck — but even if they had been 0-5 coming into that game, it would have been our biggest win this year.

A win over the Cowboys is worth ten wins over any other team. Every Philly baby knows to hate them before they learn to walk. There has never been a tie between the two teams, and for good reason. Neither fan base would accept that result. I have heard many Eagles fans console themselves after a bad season — or really after anything bad, a stubbed toe, a breakup or a war — by saying, “Well, at least the Cowboys didn’t make the playoffs.” (I actually console myself this way.)

I’ll admit, we aren’t the most glamorous football team. Yeah, we have lost a lot and played a ton of ugly football, but that’s what makes us Philly. We are the type of team that wins its only Super Bowl with a backup quarterback.

We tend to hold grudges and are sometimes a bit too fast to judge. We don’t get a lot of coverage, and we don’t have many fans outside of Philly. As a true Eagles fan, I believe the entire country hates us, but that doesn’t matter because we hate them right back. So here’s to a great season my fellow Philadelphians! Fly Eagles Fly!

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