Broncos Win Super Bowl 50

Peyton Manning leads Denver Broncos to 2016 Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Super Bowl 50 champs, the Denver Broncos. This was a unique Super Bowl, as, for the first time, two first-round Quarterback picks squared off against each other. For Denver, it was Peyton Manning who was drafted in 1998, and Panthers’ Cam Newton was drafted in 2011. This was the battle of youth versus experience. However, experience had the upper hand, as Manning has been to the Super Bowl multiple times in his career.

This Super Bowl win marked Peyton’s second ring to add to his Hall of Fame resume. Manning had a rough season this year, as he did not put up typical Peyton Manning numbers. On top of that, he was sidelined by injury for a short portion of the season. This battle to the Super Bowl which he led the Broncos on was not easy. The Patriots were the biggest and only threat they had to face in the playoffs and it was not an easy win. The game was a nail-biter as the Broncos won 20-18. Manning threw two key touchdown passes and threw for 176 yards to seal up the victory against the Patriots. He threw similar numbers against the Panthers as he went 13-23 with 141 yards. Peyton did not have a stellar game like I mentioned before, however, he stayed composed and helped direct his team to victory. The five-time MVP played a fabulous, possible last game, but the Broncos’ defense is what made this victory possible.

Imagine being drafted number two. Just one away from being the first round pick. That was reality for Super Bowl MVP linebacker Von Miller. He was drafted right after Cam Newton, whom he sacked 2.5 times. Von Miller lives in the shadow of Newton, who was recently named MVP, and clearly stated Sunday why he is the best linebacker in the NFL. Miller and the defense carried the Broncos to victory. Miller started the game off with a forced fumble, 2 in the game, on Newton, which led to a recovery in the end zone for a touchdown. Miller’s presence was felt throughout the field, as anxious Newton was on edge watching Miller closely, but Miller was not the only one looking to sack him. Ex-Cowboy, DeMarcus Ware had a taste of blood too, as he sacked Newton two times as well. The duo put up outstanding numbers, as they had a total of eight tackles. Otherwise, the rest of the Broncos defense had the Panthers receivers locked down. Safety T.J. Ward played a fantastic game with one interception and four solo tackles. The defensive backs played at such a high level that it left Newton with no pass options. Overall, the Denver Broncos’ defense won them the Super Bowl, as there is a reason why they had the best defense in the NFL.

But let’s not count out the Carolina Panthers yet. They played a great game as well and I can see them returning to the Super Bowl again. They are a young team with a lot to learn, and after this game I am sure they took notes and learned a thing or two from the ripened Broncos.

The game for the Panthers revolved around Newton and if he was off, so was the whole team. First off Newton is a different type of QB than Manning. He is athletic and a dangerous weapon whether throwing or running. Cam Newton is the first successful scrambling QB to come out the draft since Michael Vick. Newton is a star QB and stated that when he won the 2016 NFL Most Valuable Player. However, Newton did not look like himself, he looked nervous throughout the game. He was overthrowing open receivers down the field, holding on to the ball too long, and lost the running game. In result, through the air he went 18-41, which is a throwing rating below 50%. He also ran the ball six times for 45 yards making him the leading rusher on the team. On the brighter side, this was Cam Newton’s first Super Bowl and this experience can only benefit him from here on, as he will certainly go on to play more Super Bowls. Manning’s a perfect example, as he had to wait until 2007 to win his first Super Bowl. On the other hand, the Panthers’ offense as whole did not show up, as the offensive line could not slow down the Broncos’ defense.

The Panthers’ defense played a great game, but did not get any help from their offense. Luke Kuechly played a stellar game with seven solo tackles and one sack. The defense did a great job pressuring Manning and holding him to 141 yards.

As Manning enters the last chapter of his career, the Panthers begin a new one with plenty of young talent. I can see the Panthers being in the Super Bowl again within the next five years. They played one tough game and lost to a great team. I cannot wait to see what next season brings these two teams.     

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