Audience of One: A look inside how Eagles’ quarterback, Carson Wentz, gives back to the community through his relationship with God.

      Long before Carson Wentz, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, was drafted in 2016, he was a teenager with a love for God that spawned from football. While attending North Dakota State university, Wentz learned how to grow in his faith through his other teammates. Wentz owes a lot of his spiritual exploration to Dante Perez, a teammate from college who brought up reading the Bible during a football practice. At first, Wentz was confused as to why his teammate was bringing up faith during a football practice, but that instance changed his life forever. Wentz began to give glory to God through each of his actions on and off the field.

      This passion did not dwindle after Wentz became a professional football player. After being drafted by the Philadelphia National Football League team, Wentz felt called to use his platform to help others. In 2017, Wentz created his foundation, Audience of One, to help fulfill the Kingdom of God. Within his foundation,Wentz gives back to the community by providing a free food truck named “The Kingdom Crumb,” Haiti Sports Complex, helping over 15000 children develop active lifestyles, and outdoor experiences, an outdoor camping trip that teaches about God’s world.

      It is important for celebrities to use their platforms for good. However, I think that it is also important for celebrities to be open about what they believe in. Wentz is a great example of making a practice like football that is seldom considered a form of worship and transforms it to a place to grow in a godly relationship.

Source and photo credit: AO1 Foundation

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