Athletic Department Amped for Track Team

Welcome Eastern Eagles’ Track and Field team!  For those asking, “What is Track and Field?” Track and Field is compiled with different athletic events. They are commonly seen while watching the Olympics.  For example, shotput, hurdles, pole vault, sprints, and many more. The Track and Field team is in fact active this 2015-16 season; however, the team will center on the running competitions until the recruitment of field athletes.

Cross Country coach Mike Wilson will manage the team. According to new Athletic Director Nathan Stewart, “Adding Track and Field has been something that has been discussed for some time. Adding a sport is not a decision to be taken lightly as there are many different factors that go into making this decision.” Mr. Stewart and Coach Wilson have diligently worked on the addition of a Track and Field team and the program will certainly prove successful. One major benefit that may derive from a Track and field team is an increase in student admission. Coach Wilson is already on the hunt for future prospects to join the Eagles next season; in result, he has drawn the attention of many athletes who were not interested because of the lack of a Track and Field team.

Mr. Stewart is currently searching for a track they can call “home” and hopes to have a place ready for the team within the next few months. The Eagles have a lot of potential and will have no problem assimilating to Eastern’s dynamic athletic program.

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