Athlete Devotional: Antonio Yeoman reflects about his time incorporating faith into lacrosse

      With athletes incoming and returning to Eastern, many trust their faith during games and hard practice with an understanding of God having their backs at all times.

      Antonio Yeoman, a freshman from Somers Point, New Jersey, connects with God as he plays lacrosse at Eastern. After listening to his story, one can notice Antonio’s enthusiasm towards athletics and his faith. A passion for sports and also a passion for God.

      Yeoman has been playing sports since he was 3-years-old. Early on he was interested in baseball, football, and wrestling. In sixth grade, he discovered his love of lacrosse. The movement of the game, watching the players flow with the ball, seeing the maneuvers of every player, are few of the reasons he loves the sport.

      After his interest peaked he began working on his skills each day trying to improve and become the best player he could be. Yeoman stated that sports are his life and “he doesn’t do it for the game itself, he does it for his family, friends, and teammates.” He wants to make them proud every time he goes out on the field, and to do so he puts 100% into every game. He plays lacrosse for three different reasons. First, to prove his doubters wrong. Second, for people who have his back. Lastly, to make sure not to disappoint his coaches. Overall, he focuses on improving his faith when playing lacrosse.

      Before each game he prays to God, asking Him to give strength to play the game. He enjoys his yearning for playing on the field, but he enjoys it more when he has God by his side. Being active, having family surrounding him, gaining friends, and getting to where he is right now, is all gifts from God. He wants to honor God while he plays on the field because God has never left him. When times were tough for him, he went to God for guidance.

      Outside of sports, he looks toward his faith to help him through the college workload and lifestyle. Sports are important, but grades will always come first. You can often see him working on classwork from professors in the library or his dorm room. Not only does he focus on school work, but he helps people around him who are struggling and supports them through stressful times. When one looks at Yeoman, one will see a person who is committed to getting things done and understanding that God has given him these opportunities. Ultimately, Antonio Yeoman does not only share his faith on the field but off the field, incorporating aspects of God’s love for us.

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