The Pa. Weather Debacle: Why the state’s weather makes a student dislike Pa.

By: Jayme Fisher

So, the editor of this section requested that I argue a scientific opinion. However, as a humanities student, I feel this may not be my place as I could be missing many key concepts that would really complete my argument. And sell it, for that matter.

In addition, I also think that science is science. By this, I mean that science speaks for itself.  I don’t think much argumentation needs to take place once I hit the conversation partner with the facts.  How can anyone argue with data? It is pretty straightforward and, if done correctly, is truthful and factual. 

I mean someone can argue that where I did my research is not a well-renowned science institution.  Take the World Health Organization, for example.

But at that point, is my conversation partner really concerned with having a true conversation and debate? If they jump to where I did my research, I would think that they maybe didn’t do any research. If you are going to argue with my data’s credibility, where is your data to back it up?

If you have conflicting data, bring it up and let’s discuss. However, if you are going to criticize the research I have brought to the table, I expect you to have a counterexample and be able to stand by it. 

If you are prepared for an argument, I believe you should be able to defend it and stand by it. 

Now, enough about how to have a scientific argument. I am here to discuss Pennsylvania  weather. 

Personally, I wish it felt like fall right now.  At the time of this writing, it is currently 73 degrees outside. It is November; it should be a maximum of 60 degrees.  

You may be wondering, “Jayme, why are you hating this nice weather?” 

It is because when it is warm in October, November and December, it is like an uncomfortable warmth. It is like an awkward hug from that one family member. The hug is warm and lasts an uncomfortably long amount of time.  I am not a fan of it. 

The air feels thick, moist and suffocating all at the same time. It is not a happy 73 degrees. It is a disgusting 73 degrees.  

Another reason I strongly dislike Pennsylvania weather is because we can experience all of the seasons within a day. Some may say this makes Pennsylvania quirky, but I think not.  It is frustrating and incredibly annoying. 

The day starts with a brisk 40 degrees, around noon it picks up to a nice 65 degrees and by 3 p.m. it is a humid 75 degrees. Finally, once the sun sets, we are back to 45 degrees. 

How do you dress? How do you prepare? How do you plan your day out? It is inconsistent and annoying. 

I know I have already touched on it, but the warmth we experience at this time of year is annoyingly uncomfortable.  

It is difficult for me to function because looking outside with all the leaves on the ground makes my mind think it is chilly outside. However, as soon as I step outside, it is like I am smacked in the face with a thick, moist invisible wall.  And that makes me feel disgusted.

So, I leave you with this.  I don’t think I am qualified to have a full scientific argument and I really don’t like it when it is 70 degrees in November.   

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