Renovations: The Dining Commons Gets a Makeover, with More to Come in The Future.

      Plans have been underway for nearly a year to renovate our beloved, yet aging Dining Commons.  Upon returning to campus this spring, students were greeted with some of the changes that have already been finished.

      Immediately noticeable is the new paint job. While we might debate the colors, it does feel fresh to see the walls get a make-over. There are tiny details such as the area above the coffee station being trimmed back, as well as the removal of  some hardware that felt out of place to begin with.

      Students will notice that the style of the stations is significantly different, which matches the more modern feel of the entire redesign. Practically, the  breakfast area is now much easier to use, and the  placement  removes some of the congestion around the classics line. I do miss those high tables though.

      Additionally, plates and silverware seem to be organized more logically, and don’t suffer from becoming the object of scavenger hunts when the dish room is full.  All this being said, the most distinct change (or lack thereof) is that many of the renovations are still unfinished.  The designs on display at the entrance are promising, but its a shame many of us won’t see them before we graduate.

      This is mostly in part due to the space and time necessary to set up and install the new chairs and tables, as well as the proposed new classics line. It would be highly difficult to continue with most of the renovations  because of the need for the Dining Commons’ use this semester.

      Finally, I hope that with the aesthetic change, they also consider updating or changing up the menu. While new tables  are  nice, we  come there  to eat! Lets’s hope that future students appreciate  what has been a long time coming.

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