Guffin Residents Face Faulty Conditions

      Guffin was built on campus in the early 50s and got its start as a men’s only dorm during its early history. It even shows the expansion of Kea having been added as Eastern started to grow as a college. That being said, the rooms and halls of Guffin have not seen much change since it was first constructed. For those of you who may say, “but wait, they redid the Breezeway and lounges, so Guffin cannot be that bad.”

      Despite those changes, none of these improvements were for full-time residents of Guffin who currently have problems on their hall. The bathrooms on Guffin second are in what can only be described as a shabby state. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the paint peeling inside the bathroom. That, and what appears to be mold on the ceilings and walls. The question is, why has this gotten to this point?

      If there is a problem with moisture build up and vents in these bathrooms, there has to be a way to prevent the mold at least. Maybe require the window be slightly open in the bathroom when taking hot showers. The school could provide a dehumidifier in the bathroom or hall like they do to control the humidity in Eagle Hall.

      Another concern about these conditions is that for those who have allergies or upper respiratory problems, mold of any kind can affect people’s health in such enclosed spaces.  These issues should be taken care of by the school, which should be offering solutions. It should not be the burden of students to have to address the conditions of our living spaces, as we have many other pressures and responsibilities to focus on.

      No one wants to point fingers at who should have done what. At this point students would just like the bathroom to be free of mold. Maybe have someone come in to clean the mold and spray a preventive on the walls. Then, during the summer months, address the real issue of ventilation and humidity.

      Top all that off with a new, fresh coat of paint and I think the student population in the hall would really appreciate the effort and having their voices heard. The situation can be addressed in steps, but any show of progress would benefit every party involved.

      Students would get the quality housing they pay for and Eastern University will be known for addressing problems instead of sweeping them under the rug or pretending not to notice. At the end of the day, we need facilities that function properly and improve student life.

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