Articles written by: Carissa Gulick


Guffin Residents Face Faulty Conditions

      Guffin was built on campus in the early 50s and got its start as a men’s only dorm during its early history. It even shows the expansion of Kea having been added as Eastern started to grow as a college. That being said, the rooms and halls […]


Sexual Assault found in Canadian Youth Sports

      For those of you who are about to read this article please be aware that it contains information about sexual assault and sexual offenders, and may be triggering to some people.       The CBC news in Canada has been researching a disturbing trend with youth […]


Inside of Human Trafficking Awareness Week: IJM makes the Eastern community aware of the issue of Human Trafficking and how we can get involved.

      During the week of January 28, Eastern’s International Justice Mission (IJM) chapter hosted a Human Trafficking Awareness Week. According to Homeland security, Human Trafficking is defined as “modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex […]


Christmas in November: Did the holiday season come too early this year?

       Has anyone else been getting the sneaky suspicion that Christmas is running a holiday takeover campaign? Have you ever been to the mall and wondered what Holiday Is really coming next, to find out that christmas is the only one people care about this year? I am […]


Faculty Lay-Offs: One student shares their feelings about Eastern University’s most recent round of lay-offs.

      I think we have all heard about the recent round of layoffs that occurred this summer as soon as we set foot on campus. For seniors, this is just a case of deja vu, the layoffs harking back to our own days as freshmen when we saw many […]