It’s a Delight to Have You: A look into the Delight Bible study group held at Eastern

By: Hannah Bonanducci

Waltonian | The Waltonian The leadership team with one of their study books at the first meeting. Source: Delight Instagram

Eastern University has many opportunities for spiritual growth, ranging from the weekly chapel services, Wednesday night worship sessions, to the Cru Bible study and so on. However, another lesser-known group that meets on campus is Delight, a small women’s Bible study group funded and run by some students on campus. They meet every Thursday at 7:30 PM in the 3rd-floor Sparrowk lounge and welcome both newcomers and returning members to the group each week. Wanting to learn more about the little group I kept seeing on Instagram, I spoke with Thea Martin, a junior who is one of the group’s team leaders, to get an inside look into Delight.

“I am the Team Director and Social Media Coordinator for Delight Ministries at Eastern University,” Martin said. “My position entails coordinating Delight functions, facilitating meetings and healthy community, and further communication between Delight Headquarters and Eastern University’s Delight Chapter.”

The other team leaders for this year are Alyssa Rodriguez, Kellie Reith, Grace-Hope Stevens, and Marisa Beach. Together, these five are in charge of financing, running and reaching out for all of the group’s meetings and events. The group also does events outside of Thursday group meetings and has a pretty impressive social media profile as well.

“Delight Ministries is a college-aged women’s ministry that is geared towards fostering a Christ-centered, welcoming community that encourages vulnerability,” Martin said. “We narrow in on a weekly bible study with fun outings occasionally.  Our hope is to serve within the community and partner with local churches over time.”

The Delight community is a safe space for many, with members like Alyssa Aida sharing that she loved the community that the group offers. Two other girls attending – Ilaria Merone and Hannah Garcia – shared what their experience with Delight has been like and what they love about the group.

“I love Delight because it has become a safe space for me to grow closer to God and find good women to surround myself with,” Merone said.

“What I enjoy about Delight is being a part of a community of girls who all love Jesus and that I can have deep conversations with them,” Garcia said.

As the group continues to grow, Martin shared that she hopes to continue adding more members to the Delight community and planting seeds in local areas and churches. She  said that being able to mentor more women is one of the main growth goals she has for the group as well. 

“Delight is not funded by local churches but rather by current leadership staff,” Martin said. “We are hoping to raise money through fundraisers and donations in the near future. Currently, Victory Church is seeking opportunities to host Delight events.”

And overall, Delight has a very wide welcome for meeting new girls and building their community. Their Instagram page boasts of a place for a spirit-led vulnerable community that’s open to all.  One post states “We believe in going out of our way to pursue people. We intentionally invite women to be a part of our community and into a deeper relationship with Jesus.”

“At any point in time, any woman on Eastern University’s campus can attend!” Martin said. “The meetings feel like a breath of fresh air because of the girls involved in Delight—their hearts are so fixated on Christ and growing in their walk with the Lord.”

Be sure to check out the Delight at Eastern University Instagram page and stop in during one of their meetings if you’re interested! The study can be joined at any time and the members are always looking for more women to share their growing community with.

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