It’s Fright Night at Eastern!

Top 10 Costumes

[twocol_one]Top 10 Adult Costumes
10. Spandex body suit
9. Pirate
8. Catwoman
7. Robin Hood
6. Bavarian man (with lederhosen)
5. Despicable Me minion
4. Princess Elsa (from Frozen)
3. Wonder Woman
2. Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch)
1. Where’s Waldo
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Top 10 Kid Costumes
10. Batman
9. Baby Monkey
8. Police officer
7. Firefighter
6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
5. Harry Potter (with Gryffindor robe)
4. Ninja
3. Olaf (from Frozen)
2. Seattle Seahawks football player
1. Princess Elsa (was there any doubt?)


The Do’s and Don’ts of College Trick-or-Treating

Wear a sweet costume- Get the locals buzzing with your scary, cool, or uniquely awesome get-up.
Eat healthy throughout the day- Since you’re going to be filling your body with food, particularly of the sugary variety, for much of the night, you should totally overcompensate by eating nothing but salad and broccoli all day.
Dress warm…or not…just watch the weather channel beforehand- Since the weather never seems to be able to decide whether it wants to be 75 degrees or 40.
Take a ton of pictures of you all in your costumes- Nothing will please the female members of your group more. Halloween pics are Instagram gold.
Play a ton of pranks to scare the other members of your group- Nothing will amuse the male members of your group more. Pranks are fun. Especially when they’re at other people’s expense.
Be respectful- Show our Radnor neighbors some love!
[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]Don’t…
Trip young children on your way to the candy dish- I’m all for equal-opportunity treating, but not at the cost of stiff-arming a poor young child and pulling a spin-o-rama on his sister to get to the door.
Reach the door and expect money- Because sadly the world just doesn’t work that way.
Ring doorbells more than once- Ok, I’ll offer a disclaimer on this one. I can understand two rings. Some people just don’t hear very well. Or there’s always the infamous “I pressed the doorbell but I’m not sure if it rang” conundrum. But anything more than two and the houseowner reserves the right to release the guard dog on you.
Grab handfuls of candy- I’m of the opinion that the best of humanity are the people who trust you to select your own candy from their dish. As for the people who take advantage by grabbing huge fistfuls of candy, instead of the requisite one piece? You are the worst of humanity.
Scream at every sound- We get it. It’s Halloween. You’re supposed to be scared. But could you kindly keep the screeches, yelps, cries, shouts and general hysteria to a dull roar?

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