Finding the perfect (free, no-effort) costume

Some people like to put a lot of work into crafting the perfect Halloween costume. Others do not. These four suggestions are for people in the latter group, using your garden-variety bedsheet.


Superman: Alex Kraft
Superman: Alex Kraft Leah Wilson | The Waltonian
Costume title: Superman who can’t fly so he runs instead
Appeal: Let’s face it, superheroes are in! As long as Marvel and DC comics keep cranking out solid movies and people continue to unashamedly be nerds (myself included), this costume is going to earn you some massive approval.
Variations: If someone doesn’t buy black sheets and dress up as Batman, we have failed as a society. Batman is awesome. Also, the sheet can be remodeled into Wonderwoman attire for the ladies out there.


Guy in a Toga: Alex Kraft
Guy in a Toga: Alex Kraft Leah Wilson | The Waltonian
Costume title: Toga, toga toga!
Appeal: Allows you to feign being royalty for a night. Jokingly asking your friends to fan you with tree branches and feed you grapes are actually completely legitimate requests. It’s a bonus if they actually do it to. Fits in great at toga parties too.
Variations: I’m pretty sure everyone from 300 BC and on pretty much dressed like this. At least that’s the impression high school history class gave me. At some point I’m sure people stopped wearing togas and moved on to actual clothes, but when that happened is a mystery to me. Wikipedia says 31 BC. Take that as you will. If you just go with any society in the ballpark of the Roman empire I’m sure no one will question you.
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Visually Impaired Ghost: Alex Kraft
Visually Impaired Ghost: Alex Kraft Leah Wilson | The Waltonian

Costume title: Visually impaired ghost
Appeal: It’s the classic. The holy grail of Halloween costumes. Since as long as I’ve been around, people have been throwing bedsheets on their heads and dressing up as ghosts. Unfortunately, being a college stundet who kind of needs working sheets, cutting holes for eyes wasn’t an option. So yeah, we made due. You won’t be able to see a thing but as you’re stumbling through the dark….boy will you look spooky.
Variations: Well, I mean I guess you can buy different colored sheets. Or paste those freaky googly eyes from grade school arts and crafts class as eyes.

Hipster in a Tree: Alex Kraft
Hipster in a Tree: Alex Kraft Leah Wilson | The Waltonian
Costume title: Hipster in tree gazing pensively at nothing in particular
Appeal: Well, here at Eastern University you can see a large number of people dressed and positioned in a similar manner. You will be largely accepted here. However, in the outside world you may not find quite as warm a welcome. There are small pockets of Hipsterism in the Philly area, and you will do well in those areas.
Variations:Ukulele optional.





Campus of Terrors

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