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Eastern Participates in Model UN

Imagine, if you will, a hotel lobby filled with chattering college students, talking in various languages, dressed in various styles of clothing, yet all are there in the common goal of working together to talk about some of the world’s most pressing issues from the standpoint of all countries, giving […]

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Inside the Oscars: The Top Best Film Nominees

Shape of Water Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” is a masterfully directed film with passionate performances, impactful story aspects, and an encapsulating visual and musical design. Three actors play Guillermo del Toro’s main type of character, the marginal and invisible. Sally Hawkins stars as the intrepid Elisa, a […]

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Neighborhood Highlight: Nicetown

      The Waltonian is beginning a new series that highlights various neighborhoods in Philadelphia, as a way of exploring Eastern University’s backyard. Look for more Centerspreads like this one throughout the semester! Below is a brief introduction to our first featured neighborhood: Nicetown.       Nicetown, also […]

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Farewell, Seniors

SHELLY LISTER Hometown: Hampstead, Maryland Majors: English and Psychology Years with The Waltonian: 2 Positions with The Waltonian: Sports Editor, Staff Writer One thing you’ve learned at Eastern: Sleep is not as “optional” as we college students think… Favorite Waltonian memory: Seeing my name in the paper for the first […]


Angels of Harmony Present “Destined for Greatness”

      Eastern’s Gospel choir, Angels of Harmony, hosted an evening of soulful, celebratory worship on Sunday, March 12. Angels of Harmony kicked the evening off, and everybody in attendance was immediately on their feet, clapping and enjoying their time together. The band consisted of keys, drums and a […]