Author: Matt Wolek

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Courage To: Student Edition

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Soccer Teams Announce New Coaches

Men’s Soccer Eastern’s men’s soccer team is undergoing a large period of transition as they prepare for their 2017-2018 season. The team has said goodbye to their previous head coach, Mark Wagner, and is saying hello to new head coach and former interim coach, Jeremy Payne. Coach Payne will be […]


America: A Hypocritical Nation

     Now, the following article may come off as, well, un-American, and it is fine if you perceive it that way, but know I am just trying to point out facts that have been ignored by much of the general public. It has recently come to light that Russia […]

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The Art Of Photojournalism

A REFLECTION ON THE HISTORY AND IMPORTANCE OF PHOTOJOURNALISM Matt Wolek/ The Waltonian by Jordan Kolb      In order to understand the way that images shape the way we take in information and the practice of journalism, we have to imagine a world in which almost all of the news […]


Standing With Standing Rock

     What is the problem with the Dakota Access Pipeline? Why is everyone protesting this? Why is Shailene Woodley getting arrested: Is this a part of her secret life as an American teenager? Here is what you need to know. First, this is an oil pipeline that stretches from […]


The Struggles Of Being Born Catholic

     I was born and raised in the largest denomination of the Christian religion, Catholicism. I didn’t choose this religious identity, it was given to me. My only exposure to Christianity as a young child was through the lens of the my Catholicism. Then, once I was a little […]


Respecting the Art of Photography

     I think there is a tipping point in the world of photography where the photo goes from being a snapshot to being a picture that encapsulates not just a moment, but a generation as a whole. This is something that any photographer worth their salt is trying to captivate. […]


Understanding Modern Art

Modern art: the art form to which a majority of people say, “I can do that” or the classic, “That’s not even art!” This is not an artist style of expression reserved only for the pretentious people in the world. Modern art is about experimenting and trying new things, and […]