Author: Leah Wilson


Find Your Inner Artist in Wayne

Walking through Wayne, you may suddenly find yourself engulfed in the roaring waves crashing over William Trost Richard’s rocky shores, climbing through the forest of Paul Cézanne’s oil painting, or transported to Claude Monet’s mystique image of water lilies with the famous dusty blue bridge stretching side to side. Throughout […]


“The Night Circus” Entertains

Circuses have always been a point of mystery in my mind; something that sets up and sets back down in a week, or even a few days. What happens behind the scenes? In Erin Morgenstern’s only published book, she recounts the events of a circus that has more magic and […]


Real Origins of April Fools’ Day

It’s the day when pranksters get their adrenaline rushes, and those who are gullible walk around in terror. That’s right, folks, it’s April Fools’ Day. From telling their parents before they’ve had their coffee that their shoelaces are untied, to putting “kick me” signs on each other’s backs, everyone is […]


Tina Fey’s Netflix Reign

Many tears were shed and binge-fests finished when “30 Rock” ended in 2013. But fear not! Tina Fey is back at it again. She’s made us laugh, she’s made us cry (…from laughing), and now she’s taking over Netflix. Tina Fey, the star of countless hits (“30 Rock,” “SNL,” and […]


Viruses Cause Panic Worldwide

Towards the end of 2014, every time Americans turned on the news, it seemed as if every broadcast was about increasing outbreaks of Ebola. Then, as 2015 rolled around, the disease suddenly disappeared. Many individuals have found themselves wondering about the effects of the disease. The main problem is in […]


Christmas Around the World

It’s the time of year when snow starts falling, people chop down trees in their natural habitats to put in their houses and cover them with lights and children wake up to see oversized socks over their fireplaces filled with candy. It’s Christmas, everyone! While in America these traditions are […]


“Haters Gonna Hate”

Stabbing cakes, Victorian clothing and ripping apart paintings are all a part of Taylor Swift’s new music video, indicating quite a shift from the country sensation that arose in 2004. There has been a huge buzz around her recent music video for the song “Blank Space” in which Swift is […]


The Hard Truth About Education

While in the U.S. the average high schooler is moaning and groaning about waking up at 7a.m. to take the dreaded bus to school, many young men and women in developing countries never get the opportunity to do this. The hard truth, however, is in most countries, men are provided […]


Are You Truly Experiencing God?

I think there are moments in my spiritual life where I’m simply caught in the motions… I go to Bible study and hear about Jesus, I go to church and am told about God, his teachings and his love. But it’s one thing to hear about him , and another […]