Author: Lenora Kirkland


U.S. Warns of Terrorist Threat in Abuja: U.S. State Department asks embassy workers in Nigerian capital to evacuate

By: Lenora Kirkland Nigeria faces numerous threats of violence across its 36 states, many of which often seep into its Federal Capital Territory where the country’s capital city is located. In the later weeks of October, the U.S. State Department announced that its non-emergency embassy workers and their families must […]


People of Eastern:

A one-on-one with Eastern University senior Keilah Olmeda By: Lenora Kirkland Keilah Olmeda is a current senior in the Templeton Honors College majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in both Spanish and Youth Ministry. Originally from Lancaster Pa., Olmeda has been living on campus since her freshman year and is an […]


Immigration Crisis at the Southern Border:

The continued crisis at the border and what was, has been and is being done to combat it. By: Lenora Kirkland The United States receives over one million immigrants each year, bringing in people from across the globe with enticing promises of freedom and liberty. In recent years, the number […]